Eva Anduiza Perea

Full Professor

Xavier Ballart Hernández

Full Professor

He has worked on program evaluation, public policy process and public management, public administration. In public management, he studies public services performance and motivation.

Berta Barbet Porta

Postdoctoral researcher

Postdoctoral researcher. Ph.D in political science from the University of Leicester and MA in Political Behaviour from the University of Essex

Ismael Blanco Fillola

Associate professor

Director of the Institute of Government and Public Policies (IGOP). His research areas include urban policy, local governance, urban segregation, and social innovation

Agustí Bosch Gardella

Senior lecturer in Political Science

PhD in Political Science (UAB), MA in Political Behaviour (Essex) and a BA in Economics (UB). Recent publications in European Political Science Review, Party Politics, Journal of Elections Public Opinion and Parties, Oxford Handbooks

Joan Botella Corral

Full Professor

John Robert Etherington


Ana Mar Fernández Pasarín

Jean Monnet Professor

EU integration: theories, polity, politics and policies

Nuria Font Borrás

Associate professor

Nuria Font conducts research on EU institutions and decision-making, delegation and policy

Carolina Galais Gonzalez

Post-doctoral researcher Ramón y Cajal

Raquel Gallego Calderón

Full Professor

Enrique Hernandez Perez

Associate Professor

Margarita León Ramon-Borja

Associate professor

Dani Marinova

Assistant professor

Andrea Noferini

Adjunt professor

Eva Østergaard-Nielsen

Full Professor

Ixchel Pérez Duran

Assistant professor

Guillem Rico Camps

Associate Professor

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