Official master degree in Political Science


About Our Masters 

Our two master’s degree programmes address cutting-edge political science research topics and methods, providing the best possible training. You will join other international students with similar interests and will thrive in the UAB’s vibrant academic community. The instructors are high-profile scholars who have longstanding expertise and excellent reputations in the domains of political behaviour, public policy, the European Union and Immigration, among others. You will have the chance to experience our ongoing research in depth and gain deeper insight into what academia can offer you and expects from you.

Our master’s degree in Political Science is a one-year programme (60 ECTS credits). It includes five compulsory modules and one optional module. Career options include public administration, political organisations and the private sector.

UAB master’s degrees provide you with advanced interdisciplinary training and are divided into programmes offering practical training for employment and others specialising in initiation to research.