Name: Emma Hoes (Academic Year 2016-2017)
Currently Doing: I am currently working as a research assistant at the Department of Political Science at the UAB. In September I will start as a PhD researcher at the Department of Social and Political Sciences at the European University Institute in Florence. abae.
Testimonial: After finishing a Master in Political Communication at the University of Amsterdam, I wished to expand my knowledge on political science more specifically and applied to the Master’s in Political Science at the UAB. What I enjoyed most was the autonomy the professors gave our cohort to build upon our own ideas and develop them into various comprehensive research projects, some of which ultimately helped you shape your final Master’s thesis. Aside from the content of the program, the openness and approachability of the professors I found very stimulating, adding to the overall fruitful atmosphere in the class. And last but not least, our cohort consisted of students from all over the world, making every assignment, discussion (both in and outside of class) and the occasional get-togethers on campus or in Barcelona all the more interesting. 

Name: Malin Mockelstrom (Academic Year 2015-2016)
Currently Doing: Working as a research editor for a global news and information provider, collecting information for a PEP (Politically Exposed Person) database.
Testimonial: My main motivation in applying to this Master's was because I wished to expand on the skills I had attained during my Bachelor's degree, and gain more knowledge in the political research area. This program therefore seemed like a good choice. In addition to theoretical lectures, from the very beginning we started developing our own projects that would later turn into our dissertations. I believe this mix of theory and practice, in combination with giving and receiving feedback, was very helpful in the process of conducting our own research. A few months after finishing I started a new job where I get to use the problem solving skills the Master's program provided me with, as well as the analytical thinking that comes with it. I am also happy to be able to stay in Barcelona, and professionally I do believe this Master has opened new doors. Finally, the international character of this program gives a unique opportunity to connect with people from all over the world, all sharing the same interests!. 

Name: Gabriela de Carvalho (Academic Year 2015-2016)
Currently Doing: I am a Research Fellow at SOCIUM (Research Centre on Inequality and Social Policy – University of Bremen) and a PhD candidate at Universität Bremen/Germany.
Testimonial: The Master’s in Political Sciences at the UAB more than fulfilled my expectations. I was looking for a programme that could give me all the necessary skills and tools to conduct a research from beginning to end. At UAB the modules on research are structured in a way that you can build your thesis since the first week of class. In addition, the Professors are always open to discuss the classes’ topics and your personal project - this was extremely helpful when writing my thesis: I had support from various Professors, not only my supervisor. In addition, the multicultural and diverse facet of our cohort gave me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and with distinctive academic/professional backgrounds. Further, the student body of the UAB is very empowered, and their commitment with politics and social movements makes the experience of studying Politics at the University a real privilege!. 

Name: Nicolas Fliess (Academic Year 2014-2015)
Currently Doing: I am applying to several PhD programs in Europe.
Testimonial: Studying at the UAB was a rich and unique experience for me. Professors who are renown experts in their fields of study and partly thought at other first class universities in Europe and abroad were great in conveying their knowledge to us students. Touching very diverse topics in classes like ‘Citizenship and Democracy’ or ‘Policy Analysis and Management’ offered everybody the opportunity to get insights of very different research topics and to find that way a subject for the Master Thesis setting one’s heart on. The study class composition was the very definition of international, with people from all over the world. Very open minded classmates and different backgrounds always made discussions in class very ample and interesting. UAB offers a great study environment, student friendly library opening hours, very social campus life, with trees and meadows which invite you to hang out during breaks with your study mates and or get some course work done. Lastly, Barcelona is a wonderful city to live and study – everybody who gave it a shot will know what I mean.

Name: Leonard Chen (Academic Year 2013-2014)
Currently Doing: I work in the Public Service Division, in the Prime Minister's Office in Singapore. I oversee our efforts in researching and applying behavioural science in the design and delivery of public services, as well as lead projects in our digital government strategy.
Testimonial: The Masters in Political Science programme offered a comprehensive overview of theory that was paired with a rigorous thesis research & writing challenge. I enjoyed the small classroom size, which allowed us to hold vibrant discussions with our classmates and professors. The focus on and support given in the structuring a research question, conducting fieldwork, and quantitative and qualitative analyses was very helpful in guiding me to complete my thesis!



Name: Sofia Breitenstein (Academic Year 2013-2014)
Currently Doing: After finishing the masters I worked for 16 months in a research project financed by the European Union and with the participation of nine European Universities. Currently, I am a FPI PhD researcher at the Department of political Science of the UAB where I am writing a thesis on corruption.
Testimonial: I really enjoyed the Master’s in Political Sciences at the UAB and I would definitely recommend it. I graduated in Sociology at the Universitat de Barcelona. I had the feeling that the approach of this bachelor was very theoretical and therefore after finishing I felt the need to acquire more applied knowledge, that’s why I chose this master’s program. What I most valued in this program was its focus on research; it provided me with the necessary tools to realize scientifically rigorous research.  It also gives you the opportunity to develop your own research project from the first day on. Even now sometimes when I have questions regarding my research project I go back to my notes form the master’s program.




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